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The System

The main objective is to raise Leptin Levels in the body. This consists out of a series of daily injections in conjunction with the taking of supplements and a balanced meal plan. The injections consist of a formula that raises your Leptin Levels which controls hunger and cravings. It helps to mobilise your fat out of the fat cells so that it can be used as energy.

The mealplan

This flexible, practical plan will help you change your eating habits without starving yourself. It is well balanced and incorporates a meal replacement shake to ensure optimal nutrition while you lose weight.

The Supplements

Containing the most up-to-date, natural weight loss aids, the Wonder range helps to normalize your body's fat burning mechanism, helping you to feel great with abundant energy and improved health (see some of the exciting benefits further on). The Exercise Plan: This plan is designed for the home or gym to greatly improve your weight-loss results, health and sense of well-being.

The Support System

We are committed to walking the road with you, providing emotional and motivational support. Your success is our success. In a world with so many roads to choose, choose the road that leads to success!

What clients are saying about Slender Wonder

"Ek moet vir my twee dogters ‘n voorbeeld wees en Slender Wonder het dit vir my moontlik gemaak om die tipe ma te wees waarop my kinders trots kan wees!!" Louise de Bruyn

"Ek het nog 13kg om te verloor om my doelgewig te bereik. SlenderWonder is beslis die produk vir my!" Ursula Jooste

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